Why Choose Us

Undersun Plant extract manufacturer

Why Choose Us

Plant extract manufacturer

Undersun Biomedtech Corp

Our Certificate

All of our ingredients meet strict quality and food safety standards and surpass industry standards for purity and cleanliness.

Our food ingredients are certified to applicable organic standards: National Organic Program (NOP) and European Union (EU).

We use organic certifiers (Ceres) who meet or exceed IFOAM standards and are accepted worldwide.

We also have ISO, HACCP, KOSHER,HALA,certification.


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Our Factory

Undersun Biomedtech Corp

Our factory has advanced production technology and equipment, and has established a good technical support relationship with a number of scientific research institutions, with strong technical force. Excellent quality, reasonable price, fast delivery and excellent service allow us to meet your various needs.

Ensuring Customers’ Safety through extensive Analyses,Each of our products is thoroughly analyzed according to our internal requirements. Undersun is an independent, certified factory analytical laboratory responsible for our validation checks. With decades of experience, the laboratory is an important contributor to our product safety.

Knowledge that has been tried and tested over Decades paired with state-of-the-art Technology

To us, technology has always been a way to chart a path towards a responsible future. When processing our botanicals, we use innovative and proven methods that protect all active and inactive ingredients.Our environmentally friendly, natural, residue-free and safely applicable  process has been around since 2004.


Our Service

Undersun Biomedtech Corp

We can provide you the following services:

1.Our company have professional product quality and strict quality control. We will carry out the necessary testing from the raw material acquisition and production process to ensure the quality of the products.

2.Our company offer 24-hour online service to answer any question you have about the products in time.

3.Our company can provide you with free samples and a variety of courier methods, including EMS, TNT, DHL, FedEx, we can also provide door-to-door service.

4.Our company can accept various payment methods, such as letter of guarantee, T/T,CAD and D/P, and we can also offer you preferential payment terms.

5.customization services: the ratio extract powder mostly add  the accessory material,  we provide customized products without the accessory material , the price determined by medicinal material and yield, and our professional and technican will help and provide the test method to distinguish the adding dextrin products with not adding dextrin products, we assured for product quality!

All the things will have the professional service, manager gao:herbext@undersun.com.cn


Founded 15 years, professional manufacturers

Undersun Biomedtech Corp

Shaanxi Undersun Biomedtech Co., Ltd is a technical manufacturer specializing in research & development , producing the plant extract and natural products active ingredients since 2004.. the headquar