Who cares about curcumin efficacy?

1.Does turmeric inhibit melanin?

I have screened hundreds of medicines and samples for antioxidant activity in a laboratory with complete experimental conditions. Through experiments, I have added several Chinese herbal extracts of interest (including ginsenoside Rg1). Rb1, Astragalus, Chuanxiong, Curcumin, etc.). Among them, the antioxidant activity of curcumin far exceeds the antioxidant activity of other samples. This is a prominent advantage of curcumin, and its antioxidant capacity does not decay with long-term placement. The antioxidant activities of vitamin C and vitamin E corresponding to this are easily oxidized by air.

2.What are the curcumin manufacturers in China?

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3.What food contains curcumin?

Curcumin has long been widely used as a commonly used natural pigment in the food industry, and is mainly used for dyeing canned foods, sausage products, and sauces. The amount of curcumin used is determined according to normal production needs. The product form of the functional food containing curcumin as a main component may be a general food or a non-food form such as a capsule, a pill or a tablet. For general food forms, some yellow foods such as pastries, sweets, and drinks can be considered.


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