1.What is the Anti-cancer element curcumin?

Curcumin,a polyphenolic compound extracted from the roots of Zingiberaceae turmeric.Experimental studies have confirmed that curcumin has more than 10 kinds of malignant tumors such as breast cancer,colorectal cancer,glioma,pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer.Stem cells have a significant inhibitory effect. At the same time,there are also a number of curcumin adjuvant treatment of malignant tumors such as pancreatic cancer,breast cancer and colorectal cancer.Curcumin can enhance the sensitivity of patients with malignant tumors to 5-fluorouracil,oxaliplatin,gemcitabine and other chemotherapy drugs and radiotherapy,and improve the prognosis.


2.Which foods contain curcumin?

It is commonly used as a coloring agent,a flavoring agent and a pH indicator for meat in canned and preserved products. Among them,ginger,curry powder,coffee,mustard,pepper,tomato, carrot and red yeast rice contain curcumin.


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