What is the role of adding curcumin to chicken feed?

1.Effect of feed turmeric powder on production performance of broilers
Adding 2% curcumin powder to the broiler diet can significantly increase the body weight and daily gain of the broiler, and reduce the feed-to-weight ratio. Adding 2% turmeric powder to the broiler diet can increase the live weight of the broiler and reduce the feed-to-weight ratio.

The meat quality has improved. Curcumin promotes growth performance of broilers

2.Effect on immune function of broilers
Adding 2.5% turmeric powder to broiler diets can significantly improve new physical immunity.

3.Effect on the quality of chicken
Adding proper amount of curcumin to broiler diet can increase the net weight, slaughter rate and weight gain of broiler and leg muscles, and adding proper amount of curcumin can significantly reduce broiler abdominal fat and liver fat deposition, improve meat color and improve After slaughter, the fresh meat is water and water, and does not reduce the flavor of the meat.

4.the application of turmeric powder in laying hens
Adding 1.5% turmeric powder to the hen’s feed can increase the egg production rate and lower the cholesterol content. The egg yolk is brightly colored and the egg white is thick.


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