Turmeric Extract Obtains EU Patent For Treatment

Based on the property that turmeric extract can be evenly dispersed in the water system, it can be used in many fields such as beverages, dietary supplements, nutrition bars, and candy manufacturing. From the market perspective, according to Google data, since 2004, the search volume of turmeric has increased significantly, and the accompanying BCM-95 sales have also increased significantly, showing a booming trend. As early as 2017, BCM-95 has passed the GRAS safety certification of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which means that it will become a trusted clean brand. BCM-95 is subject to strict quality control from raw material procurement to production, and ensures the traceability of the product from the farm to the finished product supply chain to ensure that consumers are provided with a pure, clean and safe product. In addition, its therapeutic efficacy has also been proven through rigorous clinical trials. Up to now, as many as 42 clinical studies on the health benefits of BCM95 have been reported, and there are more than 10 ongoing studies.


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