Organic Fermented Turmeric

1.Does Organic Fermented Turmeric Work?

The biggest benefit of Turmeric after fermentation is that it improves the taste and odor, and the content of calcium and zinc is significantly increased after fermentation. Through research, it has been found that ingesting fermented turmeric can improve liver metabolism and alcohol metabolism. Fermented turmeric is more effective than unfermented turmeric in terms of antioxidant properties, especially the improvement of lipid metabolism and the results of the antioxidant activity of the IN VITRO experiment.

2. Why Do Turmeric Ferment?

Turmeric plant Turmeric, although it is one of the cherished herbs since the Ryukyu dynasty, has a strong unique smell and bitterness. Although it is good for the body, it has the disadvantage of being annoying to eat. After years of joint research with the University of Ryukyu, several types of lactic acid bacteria were used to ferment turmeric. After removing the unique odor and bitterness of turmeric, it became fermented turmeric.
Through fermentation, the anti-acidification effect is also improved, the mineral composition is also increased, and the hangover ability is increased by about 50%. In addition, a patent right has been obtained in Japan (Patent No. 2949411).

3. What Are The Noticeable Ingredients Of  Fermented Turmeric?

Pigment composition. It has been known to prevent lifestyle diseases and fatigue, and has an anti-acidification effect. Recently, it has been reported that it can prevent skin cancer and colorectal cancer, as well as anti-thrombotic effect, cholesterol and blood glucose lowering effect.
Various mineral ingredients. Minerals contain calcium necessary for bone formation, and too much salt intake leads to insufficient potassium. Others include iron to prevent anemia, and zinc and selenium as ingredients that help fight acidification.

4. What Are The Raw Materials For Fermented Turmeric?

In Okinawa, although it is called autumn Turmeric, spring turmeric, or purple turmeric, it is usually called turmeric, which means autumn turmeric. What the West calls turmeric is autumn turmeric. Fermented turmeric is made from autumn turmeric, which is the most abundant curcumin. In addition, all the raw materials are cultivated without pesticides in Okinawa, and they are nutritional supplements that can be used with peace of mind.


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