Natural herbal curcumin regulations

In the United States, curcumin is a strong player in the field of functional ingredients, and the market is growing rapidly. According to the 2017 Herbal Market Report released by the US Plants Board, turmeric is the number one herb in the natural channel, with sales of $50.3 million (up 12% year-on-year). Ranked fifth in the mass channel (MULO) with sales of $32.5 million (up 48% year-on-year). On July 26, 2019, the Italian health department issued a regulation requiring Italian supplement manufacturers to indicate warnings on products containing turmeric for consumers with liver disease. The product label indicates that this product is not recommended for liver function, bile or stone biliary changes. And added, if you are receiving other medications, please consult your doctor before using. Based on scientific evidence, the Italian National Institutes of Health concluded that cases of hepatitis associated with the consumption of curcumin supplements are due to individual susceptibility or pre-existing changes. Analysis of related products in the latest report excludes the presence of contaminants or voluntary additions that may be responsible for liver damage. As of now, the disease may be related to individual susceptibility, existing changes, potential hepatobiliary function, and even drug use.


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