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1.What are MCT foods?

MCT can be applied to infant milk powder, which can promote the growth and development of infants and young children, especially for early infants or malnourished children. For example, Abbott’s Xiao Ansu added mct. Beverages and health care products can satisfy athletes, physical trainers and other special people who consume more energy or lose weight. Such products in foreign countries have energy bars. The products are characterized by rapid energy supply. The target group is teenagers and middle-aged people. Slim slimming and functional foods. The main target group is middle-aged and elderly people. The sauce products are targeted at lowering cholesterol. Seniors; sports nutrition, target population is adolescents and middle-aged and older; malt beverages, suitable for all groups of people. In medicine, because of its rapid production capacity, it can be used in patients’ bodies. Patients such as surgeons, burn patients, and infected people need very high energy every day. Secondly, they can also be used by patients with digestive and lymphatic disorders. Medium chain triglycerides also have some superior physical and chemical properties: oxidative stability, low viscosity, and the like. It is usually used as a release agent instead of beeswax and mineral oil for transparently packaged raisins and candies using its strong oxidative stability and low viscosity and diffusibility. Undersun’s Quality Products from Verified Suppliers. Get a Live Quote Now! Trade Assurance. 100% Refund. Perfect Health Keto MCT Powder . Get Free Same Day Delivery! Highest quality. Organic superfoods.Please feel free to contact us or send an email to herbext @


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