How to increase the solubility of curcumin in water?

1.How does curcumin dissolve in water?

Recently, I am making a curcumin drink. Is there any way to increase the water solubility of curcumin, such as a good solvent?

Reply: Both oil and water are available. If you want to change the oil-soluble to water-soluble, you can add a hydrophilic emulsifier such as Tween series to modify.

2.curcumin water soluble liquid suppliers in China

It is ok to buy water-soluble curcumin directly, or ask the curcumin manufacturer to provide them with the products you need.undersun manufacturers also provide professional product formula services. Now the water-soluble curcumin can be dissolved in water, the aqueous solution is clear and transparent, and there is no odor.

Compared with curcumin in India, Japan and China, water-soluble curcumin, the solubility, stability and sensory of Chinese products are very good!


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