German health products factory orders 10 tons of water-soluble curcumin

Water-soluble curcumin On January 8, 2020, the general manager of the German food factory Helen came to Xi’an to conduct a factory inspection of our company and signed a 5-year contract for the long-term purchase of water-soluble curcumin. Our high foreign trade manager has a wealth of practical experience in plant-lifting business, and has come down to the ground from understanding-exchange-sampling-cooperation. Mr. Hou, the general manager of  Undersun Biomedtech Corp , also pays special attention to every cooperation with various countries, further strengthens the friendly and cooperative relations between the two sides, and explores a comprehensive and multi-angle cooperative development model. Shaanxi Undersun Biomedtech Corp  will take this opportunity to give play to the function of the company’s functionality and marketability, accelerate its own “going out” pace, help our province to develop more overseas enterprises, increase our province’s influence in Germany, “And the” China-German Economic Belt Corridor “to make greater contributions.The largest curcumin base in China. Interested parties can contact me by email. I have a warehouse in LA, USA.



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