Does Curcumin 95% Prevent Osteoporosis?

Curcumin 95% Curcuminoids Food Turmeric help older people build and repair bones. Researchers have found that taking this popular Indian spice can increase bone density by 7% over a 6-month period. According to previous findings, a compound in turmeric, called curcumin, balances cells and removes the aging part of bone before they are replaced. Nearly three-quarters of the elderly suffer from a decrease in bone density, causing osteoporosis, leading to potentially fatal fractures in about 65,000 people in the UK each year.we have a North American warehouse in Los Angeles and the factory covers an area of over 22,000 square meters. Annual production capacity of 3,000 tons of Curcumin 95%,Turmeric Root Extract, Turmeric Extract Powder, Organic Turmeric Powder,Tetrahydrocurcumin Factor,strictly abide by GMP standards.Please feel free to contact us or send an email to herbext @

Curcumin 95% and soy lecithin supplements daily increased their bone density by 7%.Researchers from the University of Genoa analyzed healthy men and women with an average age of 70 years, and their bone density was decreasing. At the beginning of the study, ultrasound scans were used to measure the bones of their heels, chins and fingers.After six months, people who took.

Curcumin 95% and soy lecithin can prevent turmeric components from being destroyed by the stomach and absorbed into the small intestine. Bone mineral density is maintained in a properly balanced skeletal cell called osteoclast, which removes aging cells that need to be replaced. In the elderly, the cytolytic activity may be greater than the rate of bone replacement. Previous research has confirmed that curcumin has bone-building properties in animal models.


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