Do you want to know how much Chinese organic turmeric powder

1.What are the application of  herb powder Organic Turmeric Powder?

herb powder Organic Turmeric Powder It has both medicinal value and food seasoning. It is lightwith a hint of pepper, It has a slightly spicy and bitter taste.

2.Where to buy Best price curcumin 95% curcumin ?

Undersun Biomedtech which is manufacturer of 15 years experienced in China with strong technical supports. One of our main products is Curcumin &Turmeric extract. We focus on natural Curcumin 95%,Water soluble curcumin, Curcumin synthetize,Tetrahydrocurcumin ,organic turmeric power, Formula curcumin and curcumin granules.

3.Is curcumin a food additive?

The curcumin used for food coloring is mainly divided into four categories: water-dispersible turmeric oil, water-dispersible turmeric, oil-soluble purified curcumin and purified turmeric powder. At present, Shan’xi Undersun Biomedtech Corp has developed a water-soluble and oil-soluble curcumin product comparable to that of overseas. It has been produced in a variety of shades of curcumin and has been widely used in pasta, beverages, fruit wine, candy, and pastries. Canned, juice and cooking dishes.


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