Curcumin that can be used to process food

1. Durian sample for curcumin detection

“Curcuma is a ginger plant, a natural herb, and curcumin is a natural food color extracted from turmeric. According to the Food Coloring Regulations, the pigment can be used to process food, but it cannot be added to uncooked food. And unprocessed meat, game, poultry, fish, fruit or vegetables. Offenders are liable on conviction to a maximum fine of $50,000 and imprisonment for six months.” He said that although curcumin is a food coloring, it is low in toxicity. However, the law has strict requirements on its use. Therefore, the trade should pay attention to and comply with the relevant statutory requirements and comply with the good manufacturing practices and properly use the relevant food additives.

2.Malaysia’s illegal use of additive foods

Shenzhen Yantian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau returned a batch of raw materials for non-ready bread processing in Malaysia, weighing a total of 3.2 tons and a value of US$7210. On-site inspection by inspection and quarantine personnel revealed that the product was added with curcumin, which did not meet the requirements of the “Standards for the Use of Food Additives” (GB2760-2014) and was an over-the-range use of food additives. Yantian Port has seized three batches of Malaysian products that use food additives in violation of regulations. The two batches that were previously seized have added bright blue London roll cakes and added curcumin plant butter. The inspection and quarantine department reminds the majority of imported food trading companies: they should pay attention to the revised contents of the new standards in a timely manner, and communicate and explain with foreign production enterprises, adjust the production process of related products in time, and avoid or reduce the impact on the enterprises caused by standard changes.



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