Curcumin-manufacturers food grade curcumin

1.Teeth whitening, you only need Turmeric Powder

In recent years, turmeric powder has been sought after by scientists, media, food companies, etc. Scientists have shown that turmeric has anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. The true and false of these effects, ordinary people may be difficult to judge, the turmeric we can see is a mixture of slightly pepper, musk, sweet orange and ginger, the taste is light and spicy and bitter.E-mail :

Turmeric will be dyed, but it can be used to whiten teeth, and because curcumin has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, turmeric powder can also remove bacteria and other microorganisms that cause gums and other dental problems and prevent dental diseases.

The homemade turmeric powder is fragrant and non-irritating. The teeth are yellow with homemade turmeric powder, but the teeth become white immediately after washing. Cinnamon is also added to the following formula because cinnamon has antibacterial, pain relief, and improved tone. However, the amount of cinnamon should not be too much, avoiding the spicy tongue when brushing your teeth.




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