Canada client work with us on water-soluble curcumin

Canada company wants to develop a powdered health food supplemented with curcumin, which requires water-soluble curcumin. Email me at and needed to understand the effect of surfactants on the water solubility and anti-fibrotic effect of curcumin. Our laboratory studies three food-grade surfactants as solubilizers to increase the water solubility of curcuminoids, and studies the effects of surfactants on the structure, stability, and anti-fibrotic effect of curcuminoids in vivo. Methods A high-speed dispersion method was used to prepare a ratio solution of curcumin-based components and surfactants. LC-MS / MS was used to make a qualitative analysis of the curcumin-based components in the mixed solution, and an HPLC-DAD fingerprint was established for quantitative analysis. The liver fibrosis rat model was used to evaluate the anti-liver fibrosis effect of different mass concentration curcumin ratio solutions. Results When the mass ratio of hydroxyethyl cellulose, gelatin and sucrose ester was 3: 5: 40 and the speed of the high-speed disperser was 6000 r / min, the water solubility of curcumin components was 1.387 mg / m L at the maximum; LC- MS / MS analysis showed that the structure of curcumin did not change; fingerprints showed that the similarity of 18 batches of samples was greater than 99%; and the curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, didemethoxy groups in different batches of samples Curcumin content is stable, RSD is 1.60%, 2.24%, 3.74%; anti-liver fibrosis animal experiments show that aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT) levels of rats in free drug suspension group They were (64.1 ± 20.3) and (45.1 ± 13.9) U / L, and the curcumin ratio solution group was (19.4 ± 8.7) and (11.8 ± 4.9) U / L. Conclusion The water solubility of curcumin-based ingredients after surfactant solubilization is 517 times higher than that of the free state (2.677 μg / m L). Repeated experiments show that the chemical structure and content of curcumin-based ingredients are stable. Curcuminoids show a better anti-fibrotic effect.


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