Buy MCT Powder-Ketogenic Diet?

1.Do you know the ketogenic diet MCT Powder?

MCT Powder According to a report published in 2018, the classic ketogenic diet is actually a high-fat, low-carbohydrate, moderate-protein diet. Usually, this diet is mainly based on fat rather than carbohydrates. This diet requires minimizing the intake of carbohydrates and ensuring that the body produces ketone bodies by metabolizing fat to achieve ketogenic effects. Because this diet requires very strict control of carbohydrate intake, it is difficult to adhere to. Along with this, a ketogenic diet with MCT as the main energy-supplying substance came into being, and MCT made the body more susceptible to ketone body by its unique metabolic mode. Undersun’s MCT Powder Manufacturer and MCT Powder Price E-mail: chain triglyceride (MCT) is a medium chain fat, usually a triglyceride composed of fatty acids of 6-12 carbon atoms, of which glycerol with octanoic acid (C8:0) and citric acid (C10:0) The ester is the main component. MCT is a mixture of medium-chain saturated triglycerides prepared by natural coconut oil or palm kernel oil as a raw material, subjected to hydrolysis, chain scission, esterification, refining, deodorization and the like. The total content of caprylic acid and citric acid is usually as high as 98% or more. MCT has a very fast metabolic rate and a very strong ketogenic capacity in the human body. After ingestion of MCT, the human body is hydrolyzed into medium-chain fatty acids (mainly octanoic acid and citric acid) by the action of lipase in the small intestine, and then directly absorbed by intestinal mucosal cells and transported through the portal vein to the liver to produce ketone bodies.



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